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Spring 2018

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2018 started out with the news that there will be two weddings in the Cornell Family in 2018 - Rebecca and Kelsey, and Garnet and Michelle. It will be a busy time in our household.






Spring2Calving went well this year with everyone happy and healthy. They are now all out on pasture except for the cows we are going to artificially inseminate. Garnet and Michelle helped with some of the tagging and weighing. Srping5











Spring1Kelsey came up to help us get the yearling bulls ready for their photoshoot. You can see the end result on our webpage. Rebecca came home for the long weekend in May to help with the embryo transplant programme. We had quite a few frozen embryos that we decided to use this year to change some of the genetics in our herd.  Spring3















Spring4We did manage to get all the crop in. It was a busy time with Pat in Iceland with 3 of her sister for a 2 week hiking trip. It was quite an adventure. Spring8











Spring6The Thunder Bay Farmers' Market is a going concern from January to December and the summer markets are just getting started so it's a busy time around the farm. Spring7












We also have three concerts scheduled for the summer so mark your calendars. Our first concert is June 11th with R & B singer Mark Reeves. The next concert will be bluegrass on July 12th with Pat Temple and the HiLO Players. Our final concert of the season will be Mark LaBelle performing musical comedy on August 23rd. Details can be found at To keep up to date, follow Cornell Farms on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Videos are on youTube. 





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