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Spring 2017 brings a surprising upturn in the cattle market. Live fnished cattle just set a 52 week high. Of course feeder cattle have followed the market up, buoyed by our lover Canadian dollar. Those cattle producers who backgrounded 2016 calves have been rewarded for their efforts. The drought in the southwestern states has ended and with grass, they are growing the U.S. cowherd rapidly. In Canada the cowherd remains static. Given the growing North American beef inventory, why are prices increasingÉ Carcass size is finally decreasing and consumers are getting tired of cheaper chicken and pork. Beef is the preferred meat counter choice in the market place and as the North American economy picks up, consumers come back to beef. Given all of these factors, it explains the early customer interest in our bull pen.

We have a good selection of low birth weight heifer bulls as well as some growth bulls for cows - Hereford or Red Angus - to help build replacement females. In March, I sat in the auction mart and watched good British breed calves sell for the same $ per pound as the exotic calves. remember, itès not what you sell them per pound, itès how much money you have left after you pay the feed bill. Thanks for your support over the years.

Contact us for help with your bull selection, or view the summary sheet of all the bulls we have for sale. To learn about a particular animal, please click on any image/name below.

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