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Breeding Stock for Sale

At Cornell Farms, we put a strong emphasis on building the best Polled Hereford and Red Angus cow herd we can. Not only do they have to fit a grass environment, but they also have to get the job done in a hands-off manner. Having been in the seed stock business for over 55 years, it hasn't been an endeavour for the faint of heart. Through all the highs and lows of the beef industry in the last few years, our program has never wavered. We believe in a moderate breeding approach with multi-trait EPD selection criteria. Calving ease, good feet and legs, and excellent udders. Get the basics right and then select for production.

Almost all of the new genetics introduced into our purebred cow herd is through artificial insemination. Then we retain those sons out of our best cows to build those great replacement females that have become the heart of our cowherd. We also use AI and embryo transplant to propel our cowherd to a productive future. 

Our animals have been sold to producers in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, Quebec, the Maritimes, and Kazakhstan.

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